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Welcome to Fuel-Trade

Your go-to partner for sustainable and reliable biodiesel solutions


We are a dynamic and innovative company trading in feedstocks for biodiesel production.


In our horizontally-structured company, we are able to be highly flexible and make quick decisions.

Customer minded

We are known for our no-nonsense approach and commitment to exceptional service with focus on client's needs.


We are committed to helping you reduce your carbon footprint and meet your sustainability goals.

Globally oriented

Together we have 50 years of international experience in sourcing and delivering of quality products world wide.


Problem solving

50 years of experience means 50 years of problem solving. We are here to face challenges together with you.

Supply chain optimization

We supply oils in tanks, Iso-tanks, flexi-tanks directly to the client or out of our storage tanks.

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Strong in sourcing

In our extensive trading experience we built an international network of clients and reliable suppliers.

Our Team


Gosia Podwysocka

managing partner
en nl pl ru


TEL.: +32 3 500 42 42GSM.: +32 479 99 27 25


Bart Van den Berghe

managing partner
en nl de FR


TEL.: +32 3 500 42 41GSM.: +32 478 54 77 35

Fuel-Trade, your partner in sourcing Used Cooking Oil (UCO), Acid Oil (FFA), Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME), Crude Glycerin (GLY), Rapeseed (Canola) Oil (RSO), TALLOW and others.

Sustainableat heart


Sustainable Development

At Fuel-Trade we truly believe in long term, sustainable cooperation.

We are committed to working towards a safe and sustainable future for:

    Our partners
    Our people
    Our business

Sustainable biofuel production are among the world’s most pressing challenges. Collectively, we must find the best way to balance the world’s rapidly growing population while respecting our planet’s resources and their limitations.


We're ISCC Certified!

Sustainability delivered TO BIOFUEL

Working with Partners for Partners

Opens up sustainable opportunities for companies, communities and people.Together we drive a greener and more responsible future.


Think Oil, Think Fuel-Trade.